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SpunOut 2019 Tickets - SALES OPEN 1st JULY
(ignore the info below till then)

To attend SpunOut please fill in this Registration Form.

Please fill in one form for each person in your group or family.

Early-Bird tickets are available until Thursday 1st November.
Full Price tickets are available until Wednesday 21st November.

For further details please refer to the SpunOut Event Info page.

Your Details

First Name:  
Age (if under 18):  
Email address:  
Mobile number:  
Home address:

Are you a vegeterian? Yes No
(If you have other special diatery requirements, please self cater.)

Accommodation type:
Other (please specify):

Emergency Contact Details

Full name of contact person:  
Mobile number:  
Their relationship to you:
(e.g. mother, brother, wife)


You must accept the following disclaimer in order to be able to attend SpunOut.

SpunOut is a non-profit event. We do not carry insurance for any damage you may cause to yourself, others or property while participating in any of the activities organised for this event.

All under 18's must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

This is a drug free event and anyone found to be in possession of or using drugs may be immediately ejected from the event without refund of their ticket.

I (please insert your full name) understand that I am wholly and solely responsible for any damage I may cause to myself, others or property, whether by accident or through dangerous behaviour, while participating in any of the activities organised as part of SpunOut. I agree to follow the safety guidelines as laid out by the organisers of SpunOut (as per the SpunOut Event Info page) and to follow the directions of SpunOut staff while attending the event. I undertake all activities associated with SpunOut at my own risk and fully accept any associated consequences.

I accept the terms and conditions laid out above:

I have read and understood the Liability Waiver:


Please accept above to show that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the disclaimer.

Ticket Type

Please select below to indicate which ticket you require:



Full Price

    (to Thur 1st Nov) (to Wed 21st Nov)

Adults &

Full Festival $225


Overnight (Sat to Sun) $175
  Day Pass - Sat $100
  Day Pass - Sun $100


Full Festival $150 $150


Overnight (Sat to Sun) $75 $75
Day Pass - Sat $50 $50
  Day Pass - Sun $50 $50


Full Festival $60 $60


Overnight (Sat to Sun) $30 $30
Day Pass - Sat $20 $20
  Day Pass - Sun $20 $20


Full Festival free free

under 2

Overnight (Sat to Sun) free free
Day Pass - Sat free free
  Day Pass - Sun free free

Please note that no physical tickets will be sent out for this event. Once your registration form and payment are received, you will be sent a confirmation email and added to our list as a registered participant. When you arrive at SpunOut, all you need to do is check-in at the registration desk and have your name ticked off our list. Easy!

If you have an event ticket, which nights are you staying?

To help us with accommodation and meal planning, please indicate which nights you plan on staying overnight at SpunOut (event tickets only, not relevant for day passes):

Fri Sat Sun None

Payment Information

Please tick a box for the payment method you have chosen.

Direct Deposit (Online or in Branch)

Account Name: Hana Priest
Account Number: 0635940
Narration: Name of whom the ticket is for (must be the same as the name on the registration form).

When paying via online banking, please ensure the full name of whom the ticket is for is included in the "narration for payee" field (this must be the same as the name on the registration form. If you are paying for multiple people, please do so in multiple transfers with the relevant name in each).

Cheque or Money Order
Cheques or money orders must be made out to "Hana Priest" and mailed to:

Hana Priest
33A Harfoot Street
Willagee, WA 6156


If there is anything about your registration or payment you need to tell us, do so here.
Thank you.


Fire & Circus

23rd - 26th Nov 2018

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