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Hyde Park Tuesdays

SpunOut: Fire & Circus Festival

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Submit a Workshop 2019 - SUBMISSIONS OPENING IN JULY

Please fill in the form below to submit a workshop application to teach at SpunOut 2018. A new form is required for each workshop you wish to submit.

We will let you know within a couple of days if your workshop is automatically accepted (for unique workshops we are sure to include) or if you need to wait until all workshop submissions are in to find out if yours has been accepted. Creating the timetable is a complex process, an immediate answer is often not possible.

If your workshop is accepted into the schedule, you will be reimbursed $20 of your SpunOut ticket price (cash at the event) for each workshop you teach.

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Do workshop participants need any pre-existing skills or experience to participate in this workshop?
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Do you need specific props, music, space of a certain size, indoor or outdoor area etc in order to run your workshop?
Workshop Description:

What will you be teaching? This description will appear on the website and printed at the event, to let participants know what they can expect.

Other Info

If you are a professional performer, we will link your teacher profile to your website (if you have one).

Performer or Group Name:
Extra Notes/Details:

Anything else you need to tell the SpunOut event organisers that's relevant to teaching this workshop?

If you wish to submit another workshop, please fill in the form again (just your name and workshop details are required).


Fire & Circus

23rd - 26th Nov 2018

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